Om Namo Venkatesa ........

Lord Vishnu who is considered as the lord of the three universe, the god of gods, omnipotent and the eternal - descended to earth in the form of Sri Venkateswara swamy (famously called as Balaji, Perumal, Vaikunta vasa, Govinda ......... lot more to mention !) and stood as dhruva bher (sacred statue/ vigraha moorthy) on Tirumala hills so as to give darshan to his devotees and bless them by fulfilling their desires. The city "Tirupati" is on the foot of the Tirumala hills and is thus considered sacred similar to Tirumala.

" Vina venkatesam nanado nanada
  Sada venkatesam swarami swarami
  Hare venkatesam prasidda prasidda
  Priyam Venkatesam prayascha prayascha"

These are some of the beautiful lines taken from "Sri Venkatewara Ashtottaram, which says that

"There is no God superior to you oh hari; and thus I offer my respectful obeisances unto you. Please be pleased with us and grant us required favours" 

By the grace of him and inspired by the famous "Bhagavad-Geetha" (The Divine song), this blog has been created in order to provide you with useful travel information, places of interest in and around Tirupati-Tirumala, darshan system/timings, easy way to approach the temple, sevas of Balaji as well as pictures of the shrine. As an initial process please check the pictures related, the remaining topics will be updated soon.


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